Create an environment to maximize the potential of those you lead

We have all put our faith in leaders who have not followed through on what they said they would do, or who claim to have all the answers. Unfortunately, they do not have the right questions—because they have not effectively engaged with those who could help them identify those questions. Being a leader is definitely a challenge, but we may be making it more challenging than it needs to be.

We need a mindset change that focuses on the needs of those we lead.

  • Building relationships with those who look up to you.

  • Building relationships between the people and what they do.

  • Recognizing our capacity to influence others at a variety of levels.

  • Taking those you lead, whether it’s in sports, education, or business, from now to someplace new.

  • Focusing on your audience, rather than on you as a leader.

Changing our focus away from ourselves and towards others simplifies the challenge of leadership. We need to focus on them. We need to focus on creating a collaborative environment to maximize the abilities of the individuals on your team, and their potential.