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Communication: Nonverbal Language

There are many old sayings that come to mind when one considers nonverbal communication. These include “your actions speak louder than your words” or “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Work by researchers at the Nonverbal Group indicate that the amount of communication that is nonverbal varies between 60 and 90% on a daily basis. Regardless what the actual numbers are, nonverbal communication can provide a person with lots of information. Sometimes this nonverbal language communicates a different message than our spoken word. The way we talk, walk, sit, and stand provides lot of information that can have an
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Show Them You Care

Whether you are coach, educator, or other type of leader,  you have the potential to have a significant impact on those you lead. If you think back about a teacher, coach or boss who had a major impact on you, I suspect one of your key memories is how they cared about you. As you consider the ways that you may impact others who look up to you, consider the extent to which your actions show that you care about them. Teddy Roosevelt said, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” For many people,
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